Art. 1

The Associazione Cristiano Castelletti is awarding a 5000 CHF biennial grant, intended for the following academic projects and publications (in order of priority):

a) studies that are a continuation of Cristiano’s research on acrostics and symbolism in ancient Latin and Greek culture

b) studies of ancient Latin and Greek literature focusing on authors Cristiano worked on: Aratus, Virgil, Valerius Flaccus.

c) territorial studies involving ancient and medieval archaeological finds in the Swiss canton of Ticino, with a view to raising public awareness


Anyone wishing to participate should submit their application documents by e-mail to the head of the Selection Committee, Prof. Vittore Nason ( by 30.06.2023

All applications must include a copy of an identity document. Applicants must certify the following information:

1) personal details (first name and family name, date and place of birth, city of residence);

2) home address, complete with postcode, telephone number and the e-mail address to be used in all communications relating to the competition;

3) academic qualifications, including the date they were awarded and the university that issued them;


The following documents must also be attached to the application, depending on the type of study (project, PhD or Master’s degree, publication):

a) curriculum vitae et studiorum;

b) detailed description of the project, including timeline, source bibliography, and innovative and original elements of the research,

c) PhD or Master’s thesis in PDF format

d) copy of the publication in PDF format.


Art. 3

Applications shall be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • originality of results
  • methodological rigour


Art. 4

The Selection Committee is composed of Professors Kathryn Chew, Marco Fucecchi, Benedino Gemelli, Vittore Nason and Lucia Orelli.

Art. 5

Notification of the outcome of the competition will be given by 31.12.2023.

Art. 6

The Commission will not hold any intermediate correspondence with the competitors regarding the competition.

Art. 7

In the event of exceptional situations (absence of candidates, pandemic or comparable emergencies), the Association reserves the right to award the grant regardless of competition rules.


The commission’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed again.